A Florida man was arrested this week after authorities say he rigged a front door handle in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife. I guess simply filing for a divorce wasn’t enough for him.


rigged door




KTLA 5 (@ktlamorning news) reports, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call to conduct a security check of a home after the homeowner contacted them about suspicious statements made by his son-in-law regarding not letting a child touch the front door to the home. When deputies arrived they saw that the front door appeared to be barricaded and there were burn marks on the door’s handle. Deputies immediately became suspicious and kicked the front door in. When they did, they saw a large spark.




Based on observations made at the scene, deputies came to the conclusion that it was more than clear that the suspect had rigged some type of electrical devices to the top door lock and lower door handle in an attempt to electrocute and cause bodily harm or even cause the death of anyone who attempted to unlock and open the front door of the residence.




After a more thorough investigation, deputies discovered that 32-year old Michael Scott Wilson had rigged the door in an attempt to electrocute his estranged, pregnant wife, according to a release from the sheriffs department. Wilson was also accused of stealing a gun from his father-in-law. Wilson was taken into custody on Thursday and is currently being held in jail on a $150,000 bond. Wilson faces charges of aggravated battery on a pregnant person and grand theft of a firearm, authorities say.


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