The Oakland Raiders have reportedly scheduled a news conference on Tuesday to announce that the team has hired former Tampa Bay Bucs coach, and current Monday Night Football announcer, Jon Gruden to be the team’s next head coach. The story was first reported by @raiderssnakepit and later confirmed by ESPN.




The 54-year old, head coach won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2003. His first year with the organization. Gruden’s Bucs team beat the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. Gruden has a career record of 100-85 as a head coach and a postseason record of 5-4. Gruden retired after the 2008 season as his Bucs came in third in their division finishing with a 9-7 record. Gruden went on to become an announcer on Monday Night Football after retirement. Gruden has been practically begged by teams to come back to football and coach them over the years. Gruden always claimed to be happy with his job in the booth. The Raiders must’ve offered lots of money and lots of perks to manage to get Gruden out of the booth and back on the sidelines again. I guess we will find out how much on Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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