By: Kareem Rahman



I know some people will probably be mad when I say this, or refuse to want to hear this, and to be completely honest, this is just my opinion, with zero facts to back it up, but I honestly believe that this Camp David Weekend with the president, the president’s men, and select members of the GOP, is the beginning of the end of the Robert Mueller led Trump-Russia investigation.




Before you jump to conclusions let me say this : I DO NOT SAY THAT THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END BECAUSE I BELIEVE DONALD TRUMP IS NOT GUILTY OF SELLING THE COUNTRY TO RUSSIA! All evidence says otherwise. It would be hard to find a member of the Trump Administration who did not have back-alley meetings or interactions with Russian crime figures or Russian Putin implants. In my personal opinion, Donald Trump, and at least 75% of the GOP are guilty as f*uck! Guilty of directly or indirectly conspiring with Russia to rig a presidential election and/or undermine the democracy of The United States. I’m no lawyer, political analyst, or scholar…..hell, I didn’t even graduate high school, but it’s clear as day that the Trump Administration is hiding something, and it’s also clear as day that the majority of the GOP, Fox News, and other right-leaning outlets are helping them cover it up.




The reason that Trump is going to get away with this, is because the people in power in this great Country of ours are pussies! Democrats and Republicans alike. The one difference is that Republicans are corrupt pussies! If you would’ve ever told me that one of the stupidest men in the Country could dismantle whole institutions that have been in place for centuries, before 2016, I would’ve said you were crazy. THE FBI? The institution whose name instills fear in the hearts of those who come in their cross-hairs? Five years ago, hell, two years ago, you would’ve had a hard time telling me that someone could beat, accuse of corruption, and ultimately dismantle this organization that has a long history of leading the way in law enforcement in this Country. But that’s just what has happened. Donald Trump has managed put his cronies in positions of power that guarantees him protection. Which is the reason Jeff Session was placed in his position as U.S. Attorney General. It was not because Donald Trump thought Jeff Sessions was going to be good at doing the job of Attorney General, it was because Donald Trump assumed that Jeff Sessions would do a good job of protecting him from prosecution by the FBI or any other government law enforcement agency. When Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation (as he was supposed to do, due to his involvement in the Trump campaign during the presidential election, which the investigation was about), he marked himself. Even though Trump’s decision to fire James Comey was the thing that led to a special counsel being appointed in the first place, Trump felt that it was Session’s job to oversee the investigation and protect him……even if that was against the law. In Trump’s eyes, the fact that there even is a special counsel is all Jeff Sessions fault. The only thing that stopped Trump from firing Sessions earlier was probably a few of Sessions’ Republican friends claiming that they would be outraged if Trump fired Sessions and that there would be consequences for those actions. Fast forward to this Republican “Weekend At Camp Davids’.” Every Republican has seemed to change their tune. The rallying cry is now “Jeff Sessions must go!” Ask yourself….. why? I think it’s the same two reasons why Trump is in office now. #1 Republicans are corrupt pussies. #2 Corrupt pussies do corrupt things. Corrupt things that Donald Trump is likely framing them with evidence of.




With Sessions supposedly recusing himself from the investigation, the only thing standing between Trump and ending the Mueller-Russia investigation is Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein is the man charged with overseeing Mueller’s investigation. That means that if special counsel needs money for overtime or anything investigation related, it needs to get cleared by Rosenstein. If special counsel needs permission to bring charges or get a grand jury, chances are that it has to go through Rosenstein first. What do you think would happen if Sessions were fired and Rosenstein were replaced by……I don’t know, someone a little more Trump-cronie-ish? You don’t know? I don’t either, but I’m guessing that this would be the end of funding for the special counsel investigation, and I’m also guessing that this would be an end to permission given for grand juries or to charge anyone under the protection of the president with crimes. Without the ability to do this, that will pretty much put an end to Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation without even needing to fire him.




One of the stupidest men in America has manged to infiltrate, destroy, and replace two longstanding institutions with an Army of crooks under his control. The FBI & the GOP. Lady Liberty must be so proud to see that our Country has been transformed into a playground for rich crooks. Honestly, I can’t help but to wonder if our Country has ever been anything other than that. It just took a crook/ professional grifter like Donald Trump to bring it to light. There is a silver lining in this grey cloud though. Ending Mueller’s investigation won’t stop people from knowing what they already know. Even if the investigation is ended, what’s stopping those who worked on the investigation from leaking what they have already uncovered during the course of their investigation to the press? They could easily leak the names of the Republican members who partook in the hijacking of the Country, and released what part they played to the press. Granted, no one will likely go to prison behind this, but it will give people even more incentive than they already have to vote Democrat in the 2018 special elections. If Democrats get control of the House and Senate in 2018….who knows……maybe they will finally grow a spine when they have the power to impeach this criminal. It’s a small hope, but a small hope is better than no hope at all ain’t it?


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