20-year old Florida native, Shane Missler has just become wealthier than most people in the Country will ever be, in the blink of an eye. The 20-year old has the lone winning Mega Millions ticket. A ticket that is worth around $450 million dollars!




The Tampa Bay Times (@TB_Times) reports, 20-year old, Shane Missler holds the lone winning ticket in the fourth largest jackpot in Mega Millions history. The $450 million is the second largest jackpot to be won by a single ticket holder. The winning ticket was purchased on January 5th, from the 7-Eleven store at Ridge Road in Pasco County. Missler used money he won from a scratch off lottery ticket. He then purchased five quick-pick Mega Millions tickets, getting the winning combination on the fourth set of numbers. ABC News tweeted that Missler has decided to take the one-time payment of $281,874,999.000. $281 million dollars is a lot of money to put in the hands of a 20-year old who has never had that type of money before. I hope Missler has financial experts nearby and on payroll. I can guarantee you, if I had, had that kind of money at 20-years old, there’s a high probability that I would likely be broke today. Like most people, I had very little common sense at the age of 20, and coming into that type of money???……….I don’t even want to imagine having that type of money at 20-years old! Hopefully Missler will do a better job of managing his money than I would have done at 20-years old!


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