In a meeting to discuss immigration policy with a few Democratic and Republican Senators in attendance, the president of the United States called Haiti and Countries in Africa (Africa itself is a Continent with 54 Countries. Not sure if Trump and other racists realize this when they speak about Africa in derogatory terms) “shithole places.” And said that we need to get rid of them and bring in more people from places like Norway. Instead of going on television and attempting to defend the president’s “shithole” comment (because there is no defense that does not include admitting that you too are a racist), supporters of the president will instead quickly run on television and make claims that the president’s comments were made simply based on an immigration policy based in merit. “The president is passionate about putting America first” is what they will say. Unless putting America first, is only speaking to white Americans, then that defense is all bullshit.




The supporters of the president say that Trump said he would rather have immigrants coming from Norway because of job skill or ability to contribute to America. So simply being from Norway is a job skill now and being from African Countries or Haiti is not? See how stupid that sounds? Everybody knows why the president made the comments he made, and everybody knows that him making statements like this was not a one time thing. Trump is part of the group of scary ass white men who are having trouble accepting the fact that white men will be a minority in America in the next ten years or so. If you take a look at the growth of the United States population in the last ten or twenty years, this is a fact that can’t be denied or changed. Trump’s comments were nothing more than another way of saying “we need more white people in America and less black and brown people.” Trump’s base knows what his statement meant. That was why the White House didn’t try to deny the comments the president made until this morning when they realized that the president’s base was not going to be enough to allow something like this to play well without consequence. So they did what they always do. Accuse everyone who heard the president say these things and reported them 100% accurately, as being out to get him. Even though Senator Dick Durbin and many others were in the room, and confirmed that the president made these statements. And said that the statements were made in racially charged and hateful ways. Also that the president said these things more than once. As a matter of fact, Senator Durbin said the president repeated these things over and over. And guess what? Not one Republican Senator who was in that room has the decency or balls to publicly speak out against the presidents racist comments. Of course, each one of the cowards has something to say in private, but publicly……..nah. If you can’t speak out against actions that you know are wrong and clearly racist, then I have no other option except to believe that you support them.




This is a time when everyone needs to pay attention to what’s really going on. A racist person who just goes around spewing racist things is just a racist. But a racist person in a position to implement policy on a Country that are in line with his racist views is a clear and present danger. It’s time that we start calling this what it is and stop pacifying the racist president and his racist supporters. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS A RACIST. THIS IS THE REASON YOU VOTED FOR, MAKE EXCUSES FOR, AND CONTINUE TO SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP AND THE RACIST THINGS HE DOES AND SAYS!!


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