Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, a Trump appointee, testified before an oversight committee this afternoon. After being asked by a couple of Democratic Senators (including Dick Durbin, who attended the same meeting at the White House that Nielson did) if Donald Trump called African Countries and Haiti “shithole Countries, Nielson seemed to catch a sudden case of amnesia. First she said she didn’t recall, then she switched to Trump never said that, finally Nielson settled on “everyone at the meeting used tough language.” Senator Durbin asked Nielson what some of that tough language was. She claimed that she couldn’t recall. Nielson was asked by another Senator if Trump made the comment that America should be bringing in more immigrants from Norway, and less from Countries like Africa and Haiti. Nielson found this statement to be something she felt that she could defend. Nielson claimed that Trump’s statement had absolutely nothing to do with race, it was all about merit and employability. The Senator promptly responded that he was not aware that being Norwegian was an employable skill. He then asked Nielson if she was aware that the majority of Norwegian people were white. Nielson replied that she did not know that. The person that is in charge of Homeland Security is not aware that the majority of people in Norway are white? Did she think they were black or Mexican? Nielson was basically saying “f*ck you” to the Senators. She was clearly telling any lie her little heart desired, and smiling as she did so. This whole thing was nothing but a big ole’ joke to her. And why shouldn’t it be? What’s the most a Senate Committee could possibly do to her for lying under oath? You and me may need to worry about the consequences for these type of actions, but it seems to be the last thing that folks under the Trump umbrella of protection worry about when they take turns lying in front of Senate Committees. They all march up there and play the naive, good ole’ Southern Christian, innocent, I Love Jesus, role. And people usually fall for the act. Not Cory Booker. Not today. Cory Booker lit Ms. Kirstjen Neilson’s dumb ass up in that Senate Committee hearing today. And all she could do was sit there and take it.



Video courtesy: C-SPAN




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