I never created any videos on YouTube myself. I do have a Youtube channel, where I took a swing at attempting to post a few podcast episodes. A very unsuccessful attempt, I might add. But, the point I’m trying to make is that I’ve never been one to lean on YouTube as a source of income. I just never really got into it. So, in that way, I can’t feel the pain of some of the creators this YouTube change in its monetization policy has had on them. But, I do sell books, and I’ve primarily used Amazon since I started, about four years ago. I know first hand the pain that is caused by changes in policy that directly effect you negatively. Especially when you weren’t one of the people abusing the system that probably brought about the rule changes. You were playing by the rules, yet you seem to be the one being punished for the actions of someone who may have not been playing by the rules. See, I feel you. I understand the frustration and aggravation that you may be feeling. I may be able to help you out a little bit though. Not help you make more money, that will be up to you. But, being as though I’ve experienced this, I may be able to help you not lose focus because you may be upset about this disruption in your income.




YouTube’s latest change to its monetization policy says they are now changing the qualification from 10,000 lifetime views to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months, in order to qualify for monetization of your videos. That seems to me like YouTube is looking to only pay its most popular creators. 4000 hours of watch time in a 12 month period seems like a lot to me. Hell, even the 1000 subscribers seem like a lot to me, but like I said, I don’t really use YouTube in that way, so I may be wrong. I know I’m right about this though: YouTube gained their popularity from the less popular creators. I do know that. Now they seem to be turning their backs on those same less known content creators who helped them to become the giant that they are today. If you are one of these creators, you are surely pissed off. It probably feels to you that people like yourself are being punished. Something similar to this happened over at Amazon awhile back too. It directly affected my pockets negatively, but I didn’t stop writing books, and you shouldn’t stop making videos either.




YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, etc. etc. etc., are all businesses. The bottom line for businesses is making money. The thing that separates these business from others, is that they make money by third parties adding products or content to their respective websites. This is how each one of them got big. There was probably a time when each one of these big businesses paid third party content creators or product adders, more than they do now. A few reasons why. One of the reasons is because big businesses understand this: In the beginning it’s always about the quick flip. Just like in the drug game, a smart dealer knows that building up clientele is a lot more important than making a profit in the early days of a business. When it’s time to switch over to it being about getting a profit, they are aware that some of the early users will be affected negatively by the changes. But at that point, they can afford not to care, because they have clientele, and clientele will keep them in business. Think about it. For every one person that stops creating content on YouTube because of this change, there will be two people ready to step up to take their place and start creating content, in the hope that they will become the next YouTube millionaire. Don’t take this personal. This is just how business works. It’s a mean and unforgiving game. The little man always get f*cked over. ALWAYS!




Your saving grace is understanding this and adjusting accordingly. As much as it may hurt to hear this, just like me, you have to realize that you need them more than they need you. Plain and simple. If there was somewhere else that my books had half a chance as selling like they do on Amazon, I would’ve been left Amazon and sold my books primarily there. There is nowhere else though. No site on the internet will give you a better chance of selling your books than Amazon. The same thing probably applies to YouTube. The best thing you can do is tough it out. Post more videos, utilize your social media to advertise your videos more, maybe even create a website and send traffic to your videos through there. No matter which route you decide to take, DON’T GIVE UP BECAUSE THINGS MAY LOOK A LITTLE BLEAK AT THIS MOMENT! For most people, success is not going to come easy. It’s a grind that never seems to end! It’s almost like religion. You need to have a blind faith in your business and yourself to survive in this sh*t. No matter which religion you believe in, you’ve never seen God and probably never will, but you believe with everything in you that he is there. It sounds blasphemous, but, this is the same blind faith you need to have in what you’re doing. You can’t physically see the success right now, but you have to believe with everything inside of you that it will come! Even if no one else can see it!




To you YouTube creators who this change may be affecting. I feel you. Trust me, I feel you. But this change is not the end of the road for you, it’s not really even a huge bump in the road. It’s just a reminder to adjust and proceed accordingly. Remember, the goal for being successful is not to need to lean on someone else forever. Having to use YouTube for you and Amazon for me is just a temporary thing. The goal is to always become self sufficient. Become the next YouTube or Amazon. This is not the end for you. This part of your story will be called ADJUSTMENT! KEEP RISING TO THE TOP CREATORS! I HOPE TO BE THERE TO MEET YOU WHEN YOU GET THERE!!!



-Kareem Rahman


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