I’m not one to start conspiracy theories, but some things are too much of a coincidence to be just that. A couple weeks ago, I read an article that stated that Capital One Bank had issues with their payment system charging customers twice for purchases they’d made with their debit cards. I am a Capital One Bank customer, that was the reason the article caught my eye. (fortunately, everything was cool with my account…..not like it’s much in there anyway.) For the same thing to be happening to a completely different bank, within a short period of time, seems like more than a glitch in the system to me, or a strange coincidence. Don’t you agree?




CBS News (@cbsnews) reports, a glitch in the Wells Fargo online bill payment system led to some payments being processed twice late Wednesday and even some accounts being emptied out by the double processing. The issue resulted in the bank’s customer service lines being jammed. Wells Fargo took to Twitter to acknowledge it was having problems:




Austin-American Statesman reported that in some cases customers balances were reduced to zero, which could trigger overdraft protection fees. Some customers got emails saying their checking accounts had nothing in them. Customers who flooded the Wells Fargo customer service telephone lines were told by representatives that their accounts would be fixed overnight.




This very same thing happened at Capital One Bank less than two weeks ago. Many major systems in the United States have reported strange things happening. Their excuse for these happenings are usually something that could’ve been a “human error.” Lots of major systems in the United States have been reporting these “strange happenings” in the past year. From our power grid, to our nuclear facilities, to boats strangely and  mysteriously crashing in the middle of the ocean for no apparent reason. Attacking a Country doesn’t look the same way it did in 1941 as it would today. Is it really that much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that while politicians argue about idiotic things, our Country is currently under attack? Cyber attack. If you wanted to cyber-attack a Country, what things would you go after first? Think about it for a minute before you call me crazy or paranoid.


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