These are Tide Pods. Small square shaped packets of laundry detergent. Much easier to carry around than a big bottle of laundry detergent. Probably the perfect invention for anyone who frequently goes to a laundromat to wash their clothes. One less heavy thing you have to worry about carrying.


tide pod


Seems like it should be a pretty good thing right? Wrong. Just like anything else today, things with good or useful intentions are easily turned into something dangerous. How is a Tide Pod dangerous you ask? There’s a very simple answer to that question. Because people are fu*king stupid! You would think that you wouldn’t have to worry about a person over the age of 5 putting something in to their mouths that could possibly harm them. That would probably be true if people today weren’t so stupid.




You know challenges are the new “cool” thing to do. It seems like every month there’s some new stupid ass challenge popping up. Like high school kids, lots of people see these challenges and want to be a part of the new “cool” thing. It’s not just kids that have this high school mentality. Some grown ass people too. Folks with kids of their own. Real adult responsibilities, like bills, groceries, and a job find themselves caught up in this stupid shit too. Anyway, the “Tide Pod” challenge popped up somewhere around 2015. Stupid ass people making videos of themselves eating a Tide-Pod. Why Tide-Pods you ask? The same reason people were pouring ice cold water on themselves, setting themselves on fire, and eating hot hot peppers and spices. Because people are fu*king stupid and most are followers of whatever they think is “cool.” Anyway, the Tide-Pod challenge mostly stayed under the radar. I take that back. I’m not sure if that’s accurate. I’ll just say, I had never heard of it….until now.




CNBC (@cnbc) reports The American Association Of Poison Control Centers has warned that the Tide Pod Trend is a significant concern in this year (2018) that’s less than a month old. The AAPCC reported 39 cases of teenagers aged 13-19 deliberately eating laundry pods in the first 15 days of this year alone.




“The laundry packet challenge is neither funny nor without serious health implications.” The intentional misuse of these products poses a real threat to the health of individuals. We have seen a large spike in single-load laundry packet exposure among teenagers since these videos have been uploaded.” The AAPCC’s Chief Executive and Executive Director, Stephen Kaminski said.




Are we at a point in our lives where we need Poison Control to tell us that it’s not safe to eat laundry detergent? If we are, I’m not so excited to see what the future may hold for us.


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