I read an article (I won’t name the publication) today that questioned if Judge Rosemarie Aquilina went too far in her treatment of former Dr. Larry Nassar during his sentencing hearing. The author of the article seemed to be leaning in the direction of a yes. The article claimed that the judge had somehow managed to do a bunch of grandstanding before sentencing Nassar to 175 years in prison. The article seemed to really take exception to the judge telling Nassar that “I just basically handed you a death sentence.” Before i jump to conclusions, I will say this: Having an opinion that may enrage most people is a way to sell a product and/or promote yourself or your product. Maybe the publication hoped that the article would enraged people enough to get them to click on the story and read it. Then there’s also the idea that the author of the article really believed what they wrote. For the sake of this post, I’ll go with option number two: The author of the article really believed what they wrote.




One thing is pretty clear if someone believed that this judge’s words or actions toward Nassar was harsh. They have never stood before a judge to be sentenced for a crime as a black male. If they had, they would know that the judges comments were pretty much in line with what the average black man experiences when they go before a judge to get sentenced for crimes much less harsh than what Nassar did. I’ve been sentenced for possession of a very small amount of narcotics charges and got a scolding from a judge that was equal to what Nassar received. (Probably not equal, but what that judge said to me was totally uncalled for, considering the crime I was charged with) Nassar deserved every word that came out of Judge Aquilina’s mouth. Nassar deserved to sit there and have to listen to every victim impact statement from more than 150 victims of his. Nassar deserved the scolding he received from Judge Aquilina. Former Dr. Larry Nassar is probably the worst type of child molester to walk this earth. Let me explain to you why I believe this.




Dr. Larry Nassar used his position to get cheap thrills off of young girls. This makes Nassar worse than the normal child molester simply because of trust. As an adult, my expectation is that when I go pay my doctor a visit, he/she is examining me in the way they’re examining me because that’s what is called for. I’m not a doctor. How the f*ck should I know if they should be sticking something in my ear to check for the flu, or if my doctor has some type of weird ass ear fetish? My expectation is that my doctor is looking in my ear because that’s what is called for. It may be uncomfortable, but I’ll allow it, because I want a remedy for my problem and I trust my doctor to do doctor things. I’m an adult. And I have this trust in my doctor because he/she wears a white lab jacket, went to medical school for a number of years, and they have doctor in front of their name. Imagine being a child. Now imagine being a child and a doctor does something to you that feels “not right.” Now imagine that you were taught to listen to, and trust your doctor, but what he did to you didn’t “feel right”, so you tell an adult that you think the doctor did something wrong to you. Now imagine that the adult you told this to, tells you that you’re too young to know what you’re talking about, or flat out doesn’t believe you. As a matter of fact, the adult you reported this to seems to be mad at you for reporting it. Would you ever report it again even if this doctor continued to do these things to you that didn’t “feel right?” Probably not. So you go through life thinking that something is wrong with you because you thought that something that was supposedly totally “natural” happening to you felt wrong. Then you’re old enough to realize that what that doctor did to you when you were 10 years old was actually something bad. You were right all along, but no one believed you. Now, you’re just too old, or the event happened too long ago for anyone to really care or consider it credible. This is what Nassar did to these young girls. This was what he expected. No one would believe the victim and everyone would believe him. Simply because of the word doctor before his name. Former doctor Larry Nassar used his title to get away with being a child molester. That is part of the reason people are so enraged over this whole situation. Children should be able to trust people in certain professions. (doctors, policeman, fireman etc.etc.etc) This man used this trust to abuse children. If our children can’t trust doctors, who can they really trust in this crazy world we live in? The answer to that question seems to be “no one.” Everything has levels to it, even categories of crime. In the child molestation category, Dr. Larry Nassar committed the most heinous of crimes. Larry Nassar deserved to have to sit through over 150 victim impact statements over the course of 7 days. Larry Nassar deserved the words that were said to him before sentencing. Larry Nassar received the prison sentence that he deserved. This opinion surely won’t get as many clicks as an opinion going in the other direction, but this opinion is my honest truth, not clickbait.





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