Yesterday I wrote about an announcement Vince Mcmahon was going to make at 3pm. The announcement was exactly what we all expected. The return of the XFL. The new edition of the league will be coming in 2020. Mcmahon promises that his league will be everything that the NFL is not. The XFL will let the fans choose what they want and don’t want. Vince Mcmahon, alwats the showman, stands at his podium to garner some interest in this new league. (just like the first time around) Making promises of something exciting and new coming to football. Almost like a political candidate on a campaign trail. All of the promises of what’s to come is all good, but there’s still one problem. You’re going to have to put a watchable product on that field in 2020. A thing Mcmahon and the failing XFL were not able to do in 2001. Watch Mcmahon announce the return of the XFL below:



Video courtesy: ESPN




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