It didn’t take long for Steve Wynn to figure out that he didn’t want to play this game. Just one day after a story ran in the Wall Street Journal about some of Wynn’s alleged sexual misdeeds with employees, the billionaire casino mogul and huge Republican donor has decided to step down from his post as RNC Chairman. If you recall, a few short months ago when sexual misconduct/rape allegations against frequent Democratic donor, Harvey Weinstein broke, almost every Republican called for Democrats to give back or donate to charity, any monies that was donated by the Hollywood sexual deviant.  There is a game of back and forth going on in Washington DC. Even if a person is not a politician (Weinstein, Wynn), politicians will find a way to bring the person into the political sphere to gain some political points. It’s almost like both sides care very little about the actual victims in these cases, and a lot about scoring some sort of political points against one another. These are our elected officials. It should be interesting to see if Republicans will still sing that same tune about giving back donated money when it comes to someone who donated millions of dollars to their cause. RNC Committee members learned of Wynn’s resignation today. None have made an announcement or statement about what to do, if anything about the multiple Republican donations from Wynn. Of course, Wynn denies the multiple allegations being made against him, even though he paid off the first rape victim/accuser in a settlement before it got to court. An action some would take as an admission of guilt. Guilty or innocent, one thing is clear from Wynn’s resignation this afternoon. Steve Wynn does not want to play this game. Also, Wynn stock took a huge tumble on the stock market Friday after reports of Wynn’s sexual assault allegations broke.






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