Marvels Black Panther held a premier in Hollywood last night. For a bunch of invitees, it was the public’s first look at the movie. I scoured Twitter for some reviews this morning. Unlike most people, I didn’t search for the positive reviews. Those were easy to find, they were everywhere. Instead, I decided to search for some negative reviews to see if the reviews held any merit or were just based in hatred for the basic concept and hype of the highly anticipated movie.




Honestly, I found no legitimate bad reviews as I searched Twitter. Of course people had bad things to say about the movie and the many positive reviews by movie goers who had actually seen the movie, but none of those things were based on the movie itself, because the people who had negative things to say about the movie, had not said they had actually seen the movie.


Every negative thing I’ve seen about Black Panther was based in something other than an actual review of the movie. Most negative things I saw were based in the word “Black” in the title of the movie. For some reason, just the mention of the word seems to bring out the very worst in some people. Almost like they’re angry because they feel the word black excludes them from the party. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Here’s the real dope. Black Panther is a Marvel movie based on a comic book. Just like Iron Man. Just like Captain America. Just like The incredible Hulk. If you love movies based on comic books (I always have, going all the way back to the original Superman movies), chances are, you’re going to love Black Panther too. From the previews and trailers I’ve seen online, it has all of the markings of a great superhero film. A hero, a villain, and a fictional world. In a superhero movie those are the main ingredients needed to create something great. The only unknown factor is the chef that blends and mixes the ingredients together. In this case, the chef is Chef Marvel. I’ve eaten at Chef Marvel’s restaurants before. I’ve always been exceptionally pleased by the food and the service at Chef Marvel’s place.. I see no reason why this “Black Panther” meal served at Chef Marvel’s diner will be any different.




My beef with some of the negative and positive from both sides of the spectrum who have not seen the movie yet, is that some people want to make Black Panther more than what it actually is. Black Panther is not an exclusion of white people. It’s a Marvel superhero movie for everyone to enjoy, so angry for nothing people can stop complaining about that. Marvel Studios is a business. They don’t want some money from some people. They want all money from all people! And on the other end of the argument, The Black Panther movie is also not the end to every problem facing the black community, or even the beginning of the end of problems facing the black community. So people looking for a hero to step in and mysteriously change their lives can stop thinking that is going to happen from simply watching a movie. What Black Panther is, is a Marvel Movie based in the fictional land of Wakanda. Nothing more, nothing less. Marvel movies are usually really good. It’s not a huge stretch to expect the same from Black Panther. But let’s keep things in focus. Black Panther’s success or failure will effect the pockets of Marvel Studios and Marvel Executives…… positively or negatively. NOT YOURS! Let’s just put things into a realistic perspective here. Black Panther is a movie. Likely, a great movie. But still, just a movie. Other than that, it’s not really all that deep or life changing. Both sides of the Black Panther debate need to take a step back and calm down a little. The Black Panther movie will not change your life in one way or another. The only thing that can change your life IS YOU!


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