Natalie Wood drowned off the coast of Catalina Island in California in November of 1981. Over 35 years ago. Wood went missing from “The Splendour”, the family’s yacht. There were other passengers aboard The Splendour the night Wood went missing. The Captain, Dennis Davern, Robert Wagner, and Wood’s good friend and fellow actor, Christopher Walken. Wood was found floating in the water the next day wearing a red down jacket and a flannel nightgown. After a two week investigation, Wood’s death was ruled an accident. That was then, this is now.




CBS News (@CBSNews) reports, almost 37 years after the incident, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators are now telling “48 hours” that Woods’ then husband and actor Robert Wagner, is now a person of interest in Woods’ drowning death. Investigators want to speak with Wagner about the circumstances surrounding his then wife back in 1981.




“As we’ve investigated the case over the last six years, I think he’s more of a person of interest now. I mean, we know now that he was the last person to be seen with Natalie before she disappeared.” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant John Corina said in an interview with Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours.




Natalie Wood: “Death In Dark Water” will air Saturday Feb. 3 at 10 pm on CBS. Here’s a little more about the Woods/Wagner story and her mysterious death from a 2011 CBS newscast when new evidence implicating Wagner was first uncovered.



Video Courtesy: CBS



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