Philadelphia public schools have already announced closings for the day and I’m sure many employers are expecting less than %100 attendance on Thursday also. That’s the day the city is going to hold what is expected to be the biggest parade in Philadelphia sports history. The last major championship in the city (Philadelphia Phillies 2008) easily cleared more than 1 million spectators for the event. Philadelphia is mostly a football town so you can expect that number to possibly double for the Eagles. It’s not just Philadelphia who the Eagles represent. It’s all of the surrounding areas also. Die-hard Eagles fans pretty much cover the entire tri-state area. Many of who plan to travel to the city for this possible once-in-a-lifetime event.




Action News 6abc Philly (@6abc) reports, City officials have confirmed that the parade will be held on Thursday. It’s expected to begin around 11am. The parade will begin at Broad & Pattison in South Philly, then head north to the Art Museum. Additional details are set to be announced Tuesday morning at 9am. Don’t forget…..BUD LIGHT PROMISED BEER FOR EVERYONE! Nothing has been made official yet, but I’m hearing that free Bud Light will be provided from “Taverns” (not sure if that applies to every bar or just sponsored taverns or bars) along the parade route. It wouldn’t be a parade without beer right? At least not a Philly parade! Be safe out there and enjoy! We deserve this!


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