The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously today to release a Democratic document rebutting Republican allegations that federal law-enforcement officials mishandled a secret warrant application to monitor an associate of Donald Trump. To me, this move indicates that the Democratic response to the Nunes memo does not call anyone to account for the release of the Nunes memo, which was filled with incomplete information and probably mistakenly included proof that the whole purpose of the Nunes memo was not what Republicans attempted to claim it to be. The Nunes memo, ironically contained more info that the Fisa warrant on Carter Page was a legal and necessary move than evidence that proves otherwise. Especially since the Nunes memo states that Page came into view through a meeting Trump associate George Papadapolous had in which he bragged about Russians getting some dirt on Hilary Clinton.




The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) reports, Democrats say their document is needed to correct a number of misstatements and omissions in the Republican/Nunes memo, which was approved by the White House and released for public view on Friday. Democrats say the memo was a way for Republicans to attempt to discredit the FBI and the current investigation of the president of the United States led by special investigator Robert Mueller. A claim that Trump has vehemently denied.




After today’s unanimous vote to release the Democratic rebuff, the memo will now be sent to the White House to be reviewed by the president before he ultimately decides if the document can be released for public view or not. The White House has five days to decide to release it or not. If the White House decides to object to the release, the House could consider whether to release the information over the objection of the White House. If the White House decided to release one memo by Republicans, I can’t see how you could possibly be against releasing a memo by Democrats pointing out errors in the Republican memo. But who knows? It should be interesting to see what happens in the next five days, and what is in this Democratic memo.


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