According to her Twitter feed, she is. After fans of the daily sports show asked about her recent absence from the show, Champion sent out a few tweets that suggested that she might be moving on from SC Coast 2 Coast.


Champion hinted at some “new adventures” in her Tweets. Not sure if those new adventures will be with ESPN or somewhere else. Either way, I’m sad to see Cari go. Her smile and bubbly personality was the best part of the noon sports show that I’ve been watching almost religiously for over a year straight. I’m honestly not sure that I’m even interested in watching Coast 2 Coast anymore without Cari. One Tweeter suggested that, while it may just be a coincidence that two of the most prominent black women on ESPN have left shows in a very short period of time, it still sets a suspect optic. I agree, even though I doubt that Champion’s departure wasn’t of her own accord. Honestly, co-hosting may have been holding her back from doing bigger things. Like myself, I’m pretty sure that most people tuned in to Coast 2 Coast every day mostly for Cari Champion. Hopefully her journey will take her to where she wants to be. Maybe the anchor of a show without a co-host.


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