I thought the Isiah Thomas trade was going to be the only basketball news coming out of Cleveland today, but it looks like that was just the very beginning. The Cavs seem to be cleaning house. Adrian Wojnarski (@wojespn) has broken news of multiple trades involving the Cleveland Cavs in the last few minutes. The Utah Jazz trade sg/sf Rodney Hood to the Cavs. Utah also sent veteran wingman Joe Johnson to Sacramento. Cleveland sent Jae Crowder and Derek Rose to Utah. Sacramento sent pg George Hill to the Cavs. The Cavs weren’t done. Minutes later @wojespn reported that the Cavs sent pg/sg Iman Shumpert to Sacramento. If all that wasn’t enough for you, Cleveland then sent Dewayne Wade back to Miami for a second round pick. Cleveland looks like they moved all of their older players out to bring in a bunch of young players. Many of those trades involved friends of Lebron James’. Can’t help but to wonder how much input Lebron James had in all of these trades. My guess is all of this was 100% Lebron James doing. Do you think these moves will help Cleveland in its quest for a NBA Championship or were these moves just a desperate attempt by the Cavs that will ultimately fail?


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