LL Bean is a store I’ve never personally been to. I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never been. I bet must scammers have probably been to LL Bean more than one time in their scamming lives though. Those scammers probably knew something that I’ve just learned about today. For over a century, LL Bean has had an unlimited return policy. Doesn’t matter how long ago you brought it, you can return it at any time. Probably makes it very easy for a scammer to return something to an LL Bean store they’ve stolen from another location or never even came from an LL Bean store to begin with. How can you possibly keep track of what the store has been selling or once sold for over 100 years? Doesn’t seem plausible to me, but LL Bean was surely a scammers sweet dream for a very long time. Well, after years and years, and probably major losses, LL Bean has decided to finally put an end to scammers sweet sweet dreams.




CNBC (@CNBC) reports, LL Bean’s generous return policy is going to be a little less forgiving. The company which has touted its 100% satisfaction guarantee for more than a century, is now imposing a one-year limit on most returns in an effort to reduce growing abuse and fraud.




LL Bean said returns of items that have been destroyed or rendered useless, including some purchased at thrift stores or retrieved from trash bins, have doubled in the past five years, surpassing the annual revenue from the company’s famous boot.




   “The numbers are staggering. It’s not sustainable from a business perspective. It’s not reasonable. And it’s not fair to our customers.” LL Bean CEO, Steve Smith told The Associated Press.




LL Bean announced today that they will now only accept returns for any reason for a year now. And you need to have proof of purchase to do that. The company will continue to replace products for manufacturing defects beyond that. LL Bean is also imposing a new $50 minimum for free shipping too as part of the company’s efforts to tighten its budget and cut some of its losses.


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