The Trump Administration continues its assault on poor people with their latest aspiration. Replace SNAP benefits with a monthly delivery of boxed foods. Snap benefits sends a monthly amount to a debit card that recipients can use to buy food from supermarkets and other stores that sell food. The Trump Administration wants to take away SNAP recipients ability to choose what foods they will eat by replacing the SNAP benefits with boxed foods. Because, of course they know what’s best for people to eat… least people who they feel are beneath them.




Fortune Magazine (@fortune) reports, Director Of The Office Of Management And Budget, Mick Mulvaney said that “part” of food stamp recipients’ benefits would come in a “Blue Apron”-type program where you actually receive food instead of receive cash.”




The proposal called “American Harvest Box” would reportedly contain “homegrown” products, sourced from American farmers and producers. Is this an example of the time when America was so great that Trump and his supporters love to speak of? Kind of reminds me of something……..great times, great times.

bread line



A few things. 1) This will clearly be a program that will take huge funding to even attempt to pull off. 2) This will clearly be another, in a long line of government pay-to-play contracts that will go to friends’ of this administration first. 3) This has nothing to do with wanting to make the lives of people who may be a little less fortunate better. This is about putting more money in the pockets of this administration, while attempting to strip less fortunate people of any pride they may have. 4) What’s so bad about people having the ability to buy whatever type of foods they like? Do these people think someone is less of a human because they may need a little help right now? Or does these people believe that because a person gets assistance, they are not worthy of eating what everyone else does? Either way you look at it, this proposal is right in line with what this administration has done since getting in office, and what they continue to do. It’s no secret that Donald Trump has always, and continues to do what’s best and profitable for Donald trump. Only a complete fool would even attempt to believe anything else. It will get worse……just wait for it.


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