How many times do stories like these need to be reported before we finally get it? How many dozens of lives must be senselessly lost in one tragic event before we finally get it? How many times are our lawmakers going to give their “prayers and condolences” and continue to do nothing afterward before we finally get it? Guns are made for killing. Stupid people with guns will surely kill. Stupid people with automatic weapons that shoot multiple shots in a matter of seconds, will continue to kill people in droves. Why do we continue to allow people to possess automatic weapons that shoot multiple rounds in a matter of seconds? The simple answer. MONEY. More specifically, blood money. Every Congressman who has taken “donations” from the NRA has blood on their hands and their conscious as they stand up and offer their “thoughts and prayers” after every one of these senseless tragedies. Still, having blood on their hands and their conscious is not enough to get them to enact a common sense law outlawing automatic weapons or even get them to speak out against automatic weapons. Getting some more of that blood money from the NRA is more important than doing something that will certainly prevent this from happening again. And they’re obviously okay with that.




CNN (@cnn) reports, that Nikolas Cruz, 19, allegedly gunned down students and staff with an AR-15 assault rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida shortly before 3pm after activating a fire alarm, sending people outside, totally unaware of what was waiting for them when they got outside. Cruz reportedly fired shot after shot outside, and then followed others who ran back inside of the building, where people who had heard the shots were taking cover. There, he roamed the halls he know so well as a former student, allegedly targeting those huddled in classrooms, and then blending in with the students and staff evacuating the school. Cruz was arrested in the neighboring community of Coral Springs later on in the day, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said.




In 2017 the FBI received information about a comment on a YouTube channel that read: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI did a database review when they received the information, but could not identify the person who had made the comment. That person was Nikolas Cruz.


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