As if an ongoing federal investigation, a tax cut that has seemed to send the stock market into a tailspin, and a very public and embarrassing bad hair day recently weren’t enough trouble, the president of The United States may have even more issues on his plate. It was an issue that seemed to be getting buried beneath the multiple other scandals this president and administration are entangled in. Trump and the Trump Administration seems to have perfected the art of making a scandal disappear. Simply be involved in a new scandal that’s bigger than the last one. The Stormy Daniels scandal seemed to be dying down, losing steam, or getting buried deep beneath all of Trump’s many other scandals. Nobody seemed to even be speaking about it too much anymore. Trump seemed to weather another storm once again. All him and his administration needed to do was sit back and coast, and wait for this scandal to become a distant memory to most people. But like the bumbling wanna-be criminals they are, they managed to f*ck that up by running their big mouths.




Donald Trump attorney, Michael Cohen decided this week that it would be a good idea to come out and say that it was him who had paid Stormy Daniels $130,000. And he’d done so out of his own pockets. He never gave a reason why he’d paid the porn star $130,000. Only Cohen knows why he came out and said what he said, but lawyers and management for Stormy Daniels said that Cohen running his big mouth had violated the non-disclosure agreement Daniels had with him. And now, Daniels is looking to cash in on that mistake by team Trump. She’s now reportedly ready to sell her story to the highest bidder.




CNN(@CNN) reports, Gina Rodriguez, a manager for Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels, says that Clifford believes Michael Cohen voided the non-disclosure agreement with her by admitting he paid Clifford $130,000. Rodriguez said “everything is off the table now.” Clifford believes that she is now free to be completely open about her sexual encounters with Donald Trump.




Michael Cohen did make a vague statement as to why he paid Daniels $130,000.




“Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean that it can’t cause you harm or damage. I will always protect Mr. Trump.”




So if I’m correct, Cohen is admitting that the president of the United States is being bribed by a porn star? If the president can be bribed by a porn star, is it that hard to believe that a man who has done multiple shady business dealings all around the world, allegedly laundered money for criminals, and allegedly had encounters with prostitutes, couldn’t be bribed by Russia or another Country? If the president of our country can be easily bribed by another country because he’s scared some dirt about him will be revealed, couldn’t this be dangerous for our country? I mean, who knows how far he’s willing to go not to have his dirty deeds publicized? If the president of the United States is dangerous for our country, shouldn’t there be an investigation if some kind into this? There is. This is what Robert Mueller’s federal investigation is all about. Is it possible that the president of the United States is being bribed? This is why the Mueller investigation is so important. So, next time a Trump fan ask why there is an investigation into the president going on, the answer is because he has shown that he can be bribed and probably is being bribed right now.



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