Death Row Chronicles is a documentary that takes you on a trip through the rise and fall of the Death Row Record label headed by Suge Knight. The documentary has many interviews and footage with the labels’ artist including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Corrupt, Mich’ele, and many more. Death row Chronicles airs on BET Feb. 20-23 at 10:00pm. I watched part-1 last night, the documentary is solid. There are a bunch of things that you may not have known included in the documentary. Including this clip of how Suge Knight and Dr. Dre got a deal with Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records, and made a deal to own all of their “masters”, in a time when most artist didn’t understand the value of owning your masters. Suge Knight and Dr. Dre did all of this despite the fact that Dre and Death Row were being blackalled in the industry by Dre’s former label Ruthless Records.



Video courtesy: BETNetworks




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