Super Bowl victory aside, it would be hard to argue that Alshon Jeffery’s presence in the Eagles WR corps did not play a huge role in the teams’ success this season. Jeffery had 57 receptions for 789 yards and 9 touchdowns with the Birds this regular season. Even more important than Jeffery’s stat line was just his mere presence on the field. Jeffery is a known threat throughout the entire league. It was rare that a team did not game plan specifically for Jeffery when preparing to go up against the high-powered Philadelphia Eagles offense. Teams scheming and shifting their defense in Jeffery’s direction was critical in the Eagles offense being so successful. All of the attention being placed on Jeffery, allowed every Eagles WR the pleasure of single coverage. No receiver benefited from this more than Nelson Aghalor. Jeffery was a valuable piece to the puzzle that is the Eagles offense. I’ve always known and appreciated this. Hearing new news about Jeffery today, made me even more appreciative of what he has done for the Birds.




NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport, reported today that Alshon Jeffery had surgery today to repair a torn rotator cuff that he played through all season. An injury that Jeffery suffered sometime last summer during training camp. The Eagles came to realize Jeffery’s value to the team. As he played through an injury all season, the Eagles quickly came to the table with a two-year new contract that gave Jeffery $26.75 million guaranteed and $52 million altogether.


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