The supernatural drama Wayward Pines will not be returning to Fox for season 3. It’s a full season too late if you ask me. Wayward Pines was an amazing show with a great storyline and great actors in season 1. The show lost its way somewhere along the line in season 2. I never finished the second season because I became uninterested. To me, the show lost its luster. Season 2 just wasn’t the same, or it didn’t live up to my expectations after watching season 1, which was absolutely brilliant. With the loss of some of its original cast and a second season that really had no direction, the show seemed to be spinning itself in a circle. Well, it looks like Wayward Pines won’t need to worry about spinning in a circle anymore. TV Line (@TVLine) reports, Wayward pines will not be returning for a third season. Season 2 of Wayward Pines aired nearly two years ago and averaged 2,4 million viewers. The show’s numbers were down 37% from the show’s breakout first season’s numbers. While the cancellation of Wayward Pines has not yet been made official, a network insider acknowledged to TVLine that the series returning is “unlikely.”


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