A former wardrobe stylist for Ryan Seacrest has come forward to accuse him of “years of sexual harassment. The allegations come as a shock to some, as Seacrest has always publicly maintained a “squeky clean” image. Seacrest ex-stylist has accused him of multiple transgressions, including groping, grinding, and grabbing over a period of years.




The New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) reports, Suzie Hardy, whose misconduct claims prompted an investigation against Seacrest in November, told Variety Magazine that landing the job as Seacrest’s personal stylist on “E! News” was a dream come true, that quickly morphed into a nightmare.




Hardy claimed Seacrest was fond of wrapping her in bear hugs while wearing just his underwear, and that such embraces happened more than 10 times. Hardy said her relationship with Seacrest started out being “family – like”, but evolved after he allegedly developed a crush on her.




Hardy said that the first time Seacrest groped her crotch was in November 2008, and that he asked “Oh my God, are you going to sue me?” shortly afterward. Hardy also claimed he “forcefully” slapped her butt in 2009. Hardy said Seacrest slapped her booty so hard that it left a welt that was still visible hours later (proof of which reportedly was provided to Variety in a photo). Hardy also stated that also in 2008, she was helping Seacrest prepare for The Academy Awards in his Roosevelt Hotel suite when he grabbed her, threw her onto the bed, and began grinding on top of her with an erect penis. Both Hardy stories from 2008 were corroborated to Variety by a co-worker who claims he stopped the second incident by yelling at Seacrest.


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