Who will achieve world peace now that Jared Kushner has been stripped of his top security clearance? Surely we can’t expect Jared to achieve this goal any longer if he can’t receive top secret security briefs anymore….can we?




Politico (@politico) and CNN (@cnn) have both been among the first news outlets to report that Jared kushner was among multiple White House Staffers who’ve had their security clearances downgraded from “Top Secret” to just “secret.” The downgrade means Kushner will no longer have access to top security information. White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly hinted that the moves were coming in the past few weeks, when a memo Kelly sent to staffers was leaked to multiple news outlets. In the memo, Kelly noted that anyone who’s background check status had been pending since last June, would be losing top level clearances.




Donald Trump has stood by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner as many people wondered why he still had top secret clearance even though his background checks had never cleared. At a news conference last week, Trump praised Kushner for the “outstanding” job he was doing. It was reported that no one had made more request for top secret documents than Kushner. Whatever Kushner needs so much top secret information for is something that only he knows. It’s very possible that the announcement of Kushner’s loss of top level clearance is just that…..an announcement. There’s a big chance that nothing will change, and Kushner will continue to receive top secret information on a daily basis. The announcement may just be a ploy by the Trump Administration in its latest effort to get the media off of their backs about some of the strange and unusual, borderline illegal, practices going on at the White House on a daily basis.


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