A teacher at a high school in Dalton GA. was arrested on Wednesday after he barricaded himself in his classroom and fired off at least one gunshot through a window. Police reported that no students were injured by gunfire in the incident, but one student did hurt her ankle while running through the halls, away from the sound of the gunfire.




The New York Times (@NYTimes) reports, police identified the teacher as Jesse Randall Davidson, 53. Authorities say, Davidson appeared to have locked the door to his classroom at Dalton High School and was alone there when students tried to enter shortly before noon. Steve Bartoo, the school’s principal, said he used a key to open the door.




“I attempted to enter the classroom and he slammed the door.” Bartoo said at a news conference. Bartoo said Davidson told him to go away, before he began making “nonsensical” noises.




After the run-in with Principal Bartoo, is when Davidson fired off a shot, according to Dalton Police Department Spokesman, Bruce Frazier:




“Mr. Davidson apparently fired a shot from a handgun through an exterior window of the classroom. It did not appear that it was aimed at anybody. Obviously it broke out the window, and at that point the school went on lockdown.”


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