Barrack Obama and Netflix are allegedly in talks. A source labeled the talks as a possible “production partnership” deal. What does a production partnership mean exactly? Nobody really knows yet. CNN (@cnn) reported that the production partnership could mean Obama might appear on camera as the moderator of a new Netflix series. It could also mean Obama could be coming on as a producer of the show, and will not make an on-camera appearance. It could also mean that he might do both. Either way, Netflix and Barack Obama are in talks to do something, and you can already feel the excitement in the air. Even though none of us really know exactly what this will be. Many of us are simply happy to have the opportunity to see Barack Obama again. I don’t know about you, but just his mere presence gives me a feeling of stability in the Country that I haven’t felt since January of 2017.




CNN also reported that if the talks are successful, Barack and Michele Obama will both be involved in the series or show on Netflix.


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