Michael Smith will be departing from ESPN’s 6pm SportsCenter show SC6. USA Today (@USATODAY) reports, ESPN executive vice president, Norby Williamson confirmed the news to USA Today.




“Michael is a talented commentator and we greatly appreciate and value his contributions and creativity. We are in the process of discussing with him potential next ESPN assignments.” Williams said in a statement.




Smith’s co-host, Jemele Hill left the show to write for ESPN’s “The Undefeated” about a month ago. Hill and Smith rose to ESPN prominence together, from the popular podcast the two co-hosted together, “His & Hers.” The popularity of the podcast prompted ESPN to give the pair an afternoon show on ESPN 2 under the same name. The popularity of the afternoon show, prompted ESPN to slide the pair into the 6pm. prime time slot…and even more notable, the national spotlight. Hill came under fire for comments she made about Donald Trump around the time of the murder of a woman in Charlottesville during a white supremacist rally. The outspoken Hill was pummeled with racist comments by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Cult. The pressure on Hill ultimately turned the focus to ESPN. The company was faced with backlash and caved in to the “MAGA” Cult. The network suspended Hill, and it was pretty much a certainty that it was just a matter of time before ESPN tried to make Hill and Smith both disappear. Smith’s departure may come as news to some, but not me. It has obviously been in the works for a long time. Of course, ESPN will use ratings as an excuse, but the truth of the matter is, ESPN caved into pressure, and will surely do so again if they feel threatened by a perceived decrease in viewership.


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