Richard Pryor’s son, Mason performed a comedy routine at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York recently. This episode actually aired on television last night (Thursday March 8th). I had the opportunity to catch the performance as it aired on television. Like most people in the crowd, I thought that an Apollo crowd would be a breeze for the son of a comedic legend. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree right? To my surprise, things didn’t go too well for Mason Pryor. He looked a little shaky from the start. To me, it seemed like the young Pryor was attempting to take his father’s stage performance and make it his (which is never a good idea). As I listened closely, Mason’s voice even sounded kind of like his dad’s. Not sure if he was just born with the same voice as his father, or was attempting to sound like him. Either way, things went bad for Mason kind of quickly. He started off with Trump jokes (which are really hard to mess up, and usually very funny). Mason may have stayed on topic for too long or maybe the crowd just wasn’t feeling the young Pryor. I kind of wanted to see the rest of the performance, but the Apollo crowd was not having it. Do you think Mason Pryor’s performance was terrible or was the crowd just being mean?



Video courtesy: Showtime At The Apollo




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