If you ever hope to get out of the basement, you have to start somewhere. I can’t see a better place to start than with a quality receiver and a quality quarterback. That was the exact thinking the Cleveland Browns had when they made a couple of notable moves on Friday.




First, the Browns acquired WR Jarvis Landry from the Dolphins. The Browns gave up two draft picks for the wideout. A fourth round this year, and a seventh round pick in 2019. A few hours later, the Cleveland Browns were in the news again. This time they agreed to trade a mid-round draft pick to the Buffalo Bills for QB Tyrod Taylor. The Browns weren’t done. They sent QB Deshone Kizer to Green Bay for CB Damarious Randall. Even with the multiple moves Cleveland pulled off on Friday, they still find themselves about $78 millon under the salary cap, leaving the Browns to pull off maybe one or two more significant trades and upgrades. Things might be looking up for the Cleveland Browns. It would be kind of hard for things to be any worse than last season’s 0-16 performance.


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