Stormy Daniels is looking for freedom…….to share the story of her allegedly sexual tryst with the president with the public. Stormy and her lawyer likely have their eyes on publishing a book. A book that will surely make her more than a little $130,000, which is the amount Trump paid for her silence. A book about a sexual affair with the president of the United States is sure to garnish at least a 7-figure signing bonus from any large publishing company.




The New York Daily News (@NYDailynews) reports, Daniels has reportedly offered to give back the $130,000 payment for the opportunity to tell her story to the world.




Trump attorney, Michael Cohen had no response if asked if he would be accepting Daniels’ offer to return the hush money. Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti has a few words on the situation though.




   The president and Mr. Cohen have purposely ignored our settlement offer, thus doubling down on their efforts to muzzle Ms. Clifford (Daniels real name) and prevent her from telling the American people what really happened. Time to buckle up.” Avenatti tweeted Tuesday afternoon. The legal back and forth game that Trump lawyers are playing is a dangerous one. Avenatti toyed around with the idea that Daniels may be holding onto text messages, photos, and/or videos of her and the president. If she decides to buck the system and just start slamming Trump on Twitter with photos and videos, this thing could get very ugly for Trump…….on an image level. Politically, it probably would have no effect at all. I seriously doubt that Republicans, Evangelicals, and hard-core Pro-Trumpers  will even bat an eye.


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