24-year old minor league outfielder Danry Vasquez was cut by his minor league team, the Lancaster Barnstormers after a Texas Police Department released disturbing footage of Vasquez beating his then girlfriend in a stairwell. CBS NEWS (@CBSNews) reports, the team announced Tuesday on their Facebook page that they had released Vasquez. This, after police in Texas recently decided to release a video of Vasquez beating his girlfriend in a stairwell back in 2016. The incident took place inside Whataburger Field where minor league baseball team Corpus Cristi Hooks play their home games. *Warning* The video is graphic and shows Vasquez repeatedly slapping and punching the woman.




Video courtesy: Charlotte Alerts



Vasquez was a member of the Hooks at the time of the attack. Vasquez’s attorney told KRIS news station that the woman in the video did not wish to press charges in the case, but Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez would not drop the charges. Vasquez was allowed to enter a pre-trial diversion program offered to first time offenders. After Vasquez completed all requirements of his probation, including attending classes and paying a fine, Gonzales said he “had to dismiss the case.” Vasquez and the woman in the video had reportedly been in a relationship since he was 16 and she was 14, back when the were living in Venezuela.


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