The Cleveland Browns were the joke of the league last year. A few key offseason moves may have turned that joke into a serious contender……Ok, I admit, I may be overreatcing a little, but you do have to admit, you’re a little curious to see what Cleveland will look like when they take the field next season. This team should be a very interesting thing to see.




The newest addition to the very market active Cleveland Browns is former 49ers running back, Carlos Hyde. The Browns snatched Hyde up off of the free agency market Wednesday morning. Hyde’s deal with the Browns is reportedly for three years and worth $15 million. Hyde will likely be paired with current Browns situational back, Duke Johnson.




The Browns now have Tyrod Taylor at QB, Hyde and Johnson in the backfield, Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon at WR. All of this, before this year’s NFL draft where the Browns will surely grab at least a couple more quality players. Like I said before…..this could get very interesting.


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