Cleveland, OH




“Despite a battery of test, there have been no conclusion as to what the exact issue is. While I have tried to work through it, the last thing I want is for it to affect the team. I am going to use this time to focus on a prescribed routine and medication, which has previously been difficult to start in the midst of a season.” Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Ty Lue said in a statement.




USA Today (@USAToday) reports, the Cavs head coach will be stepping away from the team for an unspecified amount of time due to chest pains and other “troubling” symptoms. Associate Head Coach, Larry Drew will take over the reins for Lue in his absence. No word on when, or if Lue will return this season.




I think it’s probably well overdue. Understanding what he’s been going through throughout the season, so obviously health is the most important with everything in life, so I’m not surprised by it at all” Lebron James said of Lue’s leave of absence.




There has been wide speculation over the cause of a major shakeup in the Cavs team a little while back. Multiple players were shipped out, including Isiah Thomas, and multiple players were shipped in. Many people wondered if these moves were lebron James’ doing rather than Cavs management and ownership. Lue has been under heavy scrutiny all season as the Cavs have had a less than stellar go at it this year. The Cleveland Cavs are 40-29 so far this season. With 13 games left to play, Cleveland sits in the #3 spot, just one game ahead of the Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, and surging Philadelphia 76ers. In the tight Eastern conference playoff race, a few losses could easily drop the Cavs from #3 to #8 in the playoff race, or even knock them out of the race period. Make no mistake about it, the Cavs are not playing good ball right now, and many wonder if they have enough fire-power on their squad to come out of the East this season. All of the pressure from underperforming this season has been placed squarely on the shoulders of Ty Lue. He’s been accused of just being a figure. Many say this is Lebron’s team. Some even says that lebron is calling all of the shots, while Lue is just………there. Ty Lue surely has to be tired of the negative spotlight. Something like that probably could have a very negative effect on a person’s health. Including chest pains and sleepless nights. Ty Lue’s illness may not be physical at all. It may be that he’s mentally exhausted. The perfect cure for this illness……extended time away from Lebron James and the entire Cleveland Cavaliers organization. Lue’s remedy for his illness is coming at a terrible time, but they said he doesn’t coach the team anyway. Remember? So if those “experts” who say Lebron is the coach are right, the Cavs shouldn’t miss a step in Lue’s absence. WE WILL SEE


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