Amazon’s stock price continues to fall after Donald Trump’s latest attacks on the retail giant. Trump’s latest attack on the Jeff Bezos owned company claimed that Amazon was taking advantage of The United States Postal Service (USPS), claiming the Post Office loses an average of $1.50 for every package it delivers for Amazon.



Many claim that Trump’s attacks on Amazon has more to do with The Washington Post (which is also owned by Jeff Bezos) than it has to do with Amazon. Trump’s personal attacks on Bezos and Amazon has had a negative effect on the entire stock market, as investors seem to be rushing to get their money out of stocks before a collapse hits. Where investors are putting their money, is as big a guess to me as it is to you. Maybe investors are choosing to stash their money in their bed mattresses until this storm passes. Who knows?




Amazon stock is down a total of 11% from its price a week ago. Netflix has also been hit hard by the unsure market. As of the time of writing this, Netflix shares are down 4% on Monday. China’s announcement that they will be imposing tariff’s on 128 US products surely didn’t help things on the stock market either. China is implementing new tariffs on meats, fruits, and other products from the United States in retaliation for Trump’s tariffs. China’s move has heightened the fears of investors that a trade war between the two countries is imminent.


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