By: Kareem Rahman


Sinclair broadcasting is a right-wing leaning company that has slowly been buying up many local television stations. Like any company, Sinclair made these purchases in the hope of making their company more profitable. But Sinclair also had a more sinister reason for buying these local broadcasting stations. To spread propaganda. The really dangerous thing about this move is the trust that people have in their local on-air personalities. These on-air personalities have been working at these local stations for years and have gained the trust of their audience. Sinclair took advantage of this trust between viewers and the on-air personalities and swooped in to spread their message of propaganda and mistrust of the media……except for employees who are pushing their agendas, of course. Many reporters and on-air personalities are upset about being used as pawns in this game. They understand they’re being used, and want no parts of it. The problem is that Sinclair has threatened the livelihood of these employees. Sinclair made it mandatory that reporters read the script they were given to read, no matter if they believe in the message or not. This is a step in the direction of a dictatorship. Attack any media outlet that reports anything but great things about the dictator in charge. Most times, this is done in a much more slicker way, but Sinclair doesn’t even have that kind of respect for their viewers and right-wing leaning supporters. Instead of switching up the script a little for each station, Sinclair just sent the same idiotic message out there. If you’ve seen something similar to this, then Sinclair broadcasting has probably hijacked local news in your area. BEWARE! NOW THAT YOU KNOW, WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IS UP TO YOU!



Video courtesy: ThinkProgress



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