Is this the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end? Either way, there has finally been a sentencing in the Trump-Russia, Mueller investigation. Alex Van Der Zwaan. Who? That’s the same thing I said…. Alex Van Der Zwaan is a Dutch lawyer and son of a Russian oligarch. How it is that Van Der Zwaan found himself mixed up in this mess is beyond me. But the fact remains that Van Der Zwaan caught a charge for lying when he was interviewed by the Special Counsel. Van Der Zwaan entered a guilty plea back in February on a “lying to the FEDS” charge. Today, Van Der Zwaan was sentenced to 30-days behind bars. Seems a little light for lying to the FEDS right? Van Der Zwaan’s sentence was probably light for a reason. There’s a strong possibility that the 30-day vacation came with some sort of cooperation agreement with the special counsel.




The New York Post (NYPost) reports, Van Der Zwaan, 33, lied to Mueller’s prosecutors about his work in Ukraine with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates. Mueller’s charges allege that Van Der Zwaan and Gates talked with a businessman who was also a Russian Intelligence agent during the last months of the campaign.




Gates pleaded guilty back in February and has been cooperating in Mueller’s probe. Gates was facing five years behind bars. He is expected to be sentenced to around six months as part of his plea agreement.


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