At least six fire fighters have been reported injured and one man dead in the aftermath of a fire that broke out on the 50th floor of the Trump Tower building in New York.




CNN (@cnn) reports, the man killed in the fire has been identified as 67-year old Todd Brassner who was a resident of the building and lived on the 50th floor. Brassner was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but died later said NYFD Spokeperson, Angelica Conroy. Brassner was reportedly unconscious and unresponsive when firefighters pulled him out. The medical examiner has yet to determine Brassner’s exact cause of death.




The fire was contained to the 50th floor of the tower, located on Fifth Avenue in New York. It was reported under control around 9pm. Two hours and 18 minutes after Trump tweeted the fire was out, from the golf course…. or White House….. or wherever he happened to be at the time of the fire, which was not at Trump Tower New York.




Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said that no members of the Trump family were at the building at the time of the fire. The upper-level residential floors are not equipped with fire sprinklers, Nigro also added. Nigro did confirm that, right in line with the president’s tweet, the building “sure stood up quite well.”




Brassner’s 50th floor apartment was valued at $2.5 million, according to bankruptcy documents from 2015. Brassner owned an extensive collection of fine arts, including a portrait of himself painted by Andy Worhol, as well as hundreds of guitars and ukeleles, according to the bankruptcy documents.


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