Accusations made by a woman who had an affair with Missouri Governor, Eric Grietens has landed the governor in the crosshairs of an investigation by the Missouri House Of Representatives. A graphic report laying out the alleged sexual encounter was issued Wednesday night by state lawmakers investigating Greitins’ conduct.




Politico (@politico) reports, in sworn testimony, the woman accused Greitins of forcing her into a “bear hug” and putting her on the floor when she attempted to leave his basement in 2015. She testified that Greitins then forced her into oral sex while she was crying “uncontrollably.” The woman also told lawmakers that Greitins blindfolded her, tore her shirt open, pulled her pants down, took a photo without her consent, spat in her face, and called her “a little whore.”




The 25-page report was released by a special committee of the Missouri House of Representatives, which convened to investigate Greitins after he was indicted in February on a charge of invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a nonconsensual nude photo of the very same woman. The woman’s ex-husband has also alleged that Greitins, a Republican in his first term, threatened to blackmail her with the photo. Greitins has admitted to the affair, but denied that he ever tried to blackmail the woman. Greitins attempted to get ahead of the inevitable storm that was heading his way before the damaging report was released tonight.




   “This is nothing new. This is nothing new. When I came into politics as an outsider, I was attacked with falsehoods every day. This is exactly what happens with witch hunts in Washington D.C. Smearing, lying, attacking people who want to change how things are done is wrong in Washington and it’s wrong in Missouri.” Greitins said in a press conference ahead of the release of the damaging report. Maybe it’s just me, but Greitins sure sound a lot like somebody else who calls any damaging information against him a “witch hunt.” Here’s an idea….if you don’t want corrupt and embarrassing details of your life being released to the public, simply don’t do corrupt and embarrassing things. Especially if you plan on ever getting into politics.


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