“I’ve missed way too much for way too long. I’m done. Many thanks to my family, coaches, the fans, and everyone who played a role in my football life.” Harrison wrote on his Instagram page Monday morning.




This isn’t the first time the Pittsburgh great has announced his retirement. Back in 2014, Harrison returned to the Steelers less than 3 months after announcing that he was done with the game. This time may be a little different though. James Harrison is practically 40 years old now (turns 40 next month). Things get a little different at that age, even for a guy with a workout routine as insane and intense as James Harrison’s.



Video Courtesy: Pittsburgh Steelers




Harrison will be remembered as one of the great pass rushers of all time. There is no denying that. James Harrison will also surely go down in history as one of the Steelers all-time greatest players, surely mentioned in the same sentences as Steeler greats like Terry Bradshaw and “Mean” Joe Greene. Will James Harrison go into the Hall Of Fame? I’ll let you decide. Here are some of his career stats:



2004 – Pittsburgh Steelers 16 games 36 tackles 1.0 sacks

2007- Pittsburgh Steelers 16 games 98 tackles 8.5 sacks 1 int

2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 15 games 101 tackles 16.0 sacks 1 int

2010 Pittsburgh Steelers 16 games 100 tackles 10.5 sacks 2 int

2012 Pittsburgh Steelers 13 games 70 tackles 6 sacks

2015 Pittsburgh Steelers 15 games 40 tackles 5.0 sacks

2016 Pittsburgh Steelers 15 games 53 tackles 5.0 sacks


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