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And the plot thickens….. On Monday, a federal judge ordered the release of the name of Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen’s mystery third client. That client turned out to be Trump’s personal television mouthpiece, Fox News’s, Sean Hannity.




Business Insider (@businessinsider) reports, earlier Monday, Cohen’s attorneys argued that the third client’s name should remain anonymous. This goes back to Friday’s court hearing when Cohen’s attorney’s asked for client-lawyer privilege pertaining to items that were confiscated from Cohen’s offices and home by the FEDS. The personal information of  other clients of Cohen’s who had nothing at all to do with Donald Trump or the Trump investigation. The judge asked Cohen if he actually had any other clients besides Trump. Cohen claimed he did. The judge then asked Cohen to produce a client list, which Cohen’s attorney’s failed to produce on Friday. Not even one name other than Donald Trump. Today Cohen’s attorney’s came up with one name. The name Cohen dropped was Elliot Broidy. The Republican fundraiser Cohen helped facilitate a $1.6 million payment to a Playboy playmate. Cohen’s lawyers also told the judge that there was a third client. Cohen’s lawyers initially refused to name the third client.



“Of the three legal clients, Donald J. Trump and Elliot Broidy have allowed us to reveal the fact that they are legal clients. The other legal client indicated that they did not authorize their name to be publicly filed in connection with this matter and directed Mr. Cohen to appeal any order to disclose their name.” Cohen’s attorneys Todd Harrison and Stephen Ryan wrote in a letter to judge Kimba M. Wood. The judge didn’t buy the argument and insisted that Cohen name the third client. Harrison, after being told by the judge to give the name, revealed the Fox News personality’s name out loud.




It was not immediately made clear what, if any legal work Michael Cohen has done for Sean Hannity. But based off of Cohen’s given nickname “The Fixer”, by close friends of his, and the $130,000 payment he reportedly made to pornstar Stormy Daniels to keep her silent on behalf of Donald Trump, and the $1.6 million payment he facilitated for client #2, Elliot Broidy in order to keep a Playboy Playmate silent about the affair they were having, that Broidy admitted to, it’s not hard for me to guess what Cohen did for client #3. Stay tuned, this sh*t is better than any soap opera you will ever see on television!


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