At a hearing on Monday, Philadelphia’s DA made a surprising announcement. Incarcerated Philly rapper, Meek Mill should be granted a new trial and Meek’s convictions should also be vacated. Even though Meek’s sentencing judge, Genece Brinkley, still refuses to release Meek on bail, a small party broke out outside of the courthouse among Meek supporters after the DA’s announcement.




The DA’s announcement is a huge step forward in Meek’s efforts to have his sentence overturned or at the very least, have his case re-tried. It was also a boost of energy for Meek’s lawyers, who now say they will reach out to a higher court in an attempt to get Meek released. Meek Mill’s case has gained national attention and garnered him support from all over the country. Many high-profile names have taken trips to the prison to see Meek, including Philly Mayor, Jim Kenney, who also supports Meek’s release. Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison by Philadelphia Criminal Court Judge, Genece Brinkley, for a violation of probation. The probation stemmed from Meek’s sentence for a  possession of a gun case that is about 10-years old. Many argued that the sentence for the violation was harsh, even Mill’s probation officer said the sentence was harsh, considering the violation came from Mill being arrested for riding dirt bikes in New York and a couple of other minor infractions. But Judge Genece Brinkley argued that Meek had been given multiple opportunities to clean up his act and fly straight. Brinkley said Meek “thumbed his nose” at the rule of law time after time.


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