Rapper Kodak Black has been sentenced to serve 364-days in jail. On the surface, it sounds a little heavy. A year is a long time. Not as much as say 20 or 30, but still a long time to be away from your friends, family, and loved ones. Kodak Black is probably seeing his 1-year jail sentence as a blessing right about now. Especially when you think about what type of numbers he could’ve been hit with.




Kodak Black was arrested on charges of gun and weed possession, and also neglecting a child. Today before being sentenced, all of those charges were tossed out by a judge. Kodak kind of brought the charges on himself when he posted an Instagram Live video back in January that appeared to show people smoking weed and packing guns in the same room an infant was in. Somebody called the police, and you know the rest. Most of the charges stemming from the raid on Kodak’s house were dropped. Kodak ended up being sentenced for a violation of probation for driving on a suspended license and associating with known felon involved or engaged in criminal activity. The violation was what earned Kodak the 364-day jail sentence. Kodak black was arrested in January and credited with time served. He will be eligible for release in about six months. A huge difference in what type of time he would’ve been looking at had he got convicted of the weapons, weed, and child endangerment charges. The best news about all of this for Kodak, is that when he’s released in six months he will be a free man. When he finishes this year in jail, his probation will be done. Kodak Black will be hitting the streets in six months without the worry of any type of court supervision. I don’t know about you, but I consider six months behind bars a fair trade off in order to regain your freedom from the claws of the Justice System again. What Kodak does with his freedom this time around will be up to him.



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