Puerto Rico




Almost seven months after Hurricane Maria destroyed or damaged most of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and electrical grid, the island finds itself right back in the same situation, as they were just beginning to try to get things back on track.




CNN (@cnn) reports, an excavator operated by a contractor apparently caused an Island-wide power outage. Puerto Rico’s Power Authority estimated that power would be restored within 24-36 hours. The Power Authority said that its priority was to restore power to hospitals, San Juan’s airport, water pumping stations, and banks.




The massive outage comes less than a week after a fallen tree knocked out service to 870,000 customers on the Island, about half the power authority’s clients, across a broad swath of the US territory. At the time, the authority said a major transmission line was damaged while contractors were clearing vegetation. Puerto Rico is home to more than 3 million US citizens. This latest power outage is now recorded as the second-largest blackout in history. From where I’m sitting, it looks like Puerto Rico, a US Territory, could use some help in restoring power to its citizens. It seems like it might even be a good idea to maybe send a few hundred National Guardsmen to the Island to help……..Oh, that’s right! Silly me, I forgot. The president of the United States is more worried about sending the National Guard to the border to fight an imaginary enemy, than sending them to a place where they could actually do some good and help some people.


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