A murder trial took an unexpected turn on Wednesday, as testimony of an affair was uncovered. The murder trial was that of Robert Durst, the multi-millionaire New York real estate mogul. The trial took a turn from testimony of a murder, to testimony of a love affair involving popular Fox News host, Jeanine Pirro. This on the heels of another Fox News host (Sean Hannity) finding his name caught up in the middle of a federal investigation currently being conducted against Donald Trump attorney, Michael Cohen.




The New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) reports, writer, Lisa Depaulo was called to the witness stand during a special pre-trial hearing and put on the spot about Pirro’s rumored romance with Cody Cazalas, the Texas homicide detective who investigated Durst for the 2001 death and dismemberment of neighbor Morris Black.




Did you become aware Detective Cazalas and Jeanine Pirro had a romantic relationship?” Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Lewin asked.

“Yes.” Depaulo replied.

“Did you inquire when that relationship started?” Lewin asked.

“She was vague.” Depaulo replied, referring to Pirro, who split with her husband in 2007.




Depaulo said she knew the two were lovers because she spent many nights at Pirro’s house while working on Pirro’s 2015 Durst book “He Killed Them All.” Depaulo testified that she watched them retire to the same bedroom.




Under cross-examination by Durst’s defense lawyer David Chesnoff, Depaulo was grilled about the alleged affair some more.




“Did Ms. Pirro have a picture of (Cazalas) in her house? Was it out on display?” Chesnoff asked.

“Yes, Pirro had a photo, but it was mostly kept in a drawer.” Depaulo replied.

“When she heard Cody was coming, she’d take the picture, and she’d put it out?” Chesnoff asked.

“Yes.” Depaulo replied.




It wasn’t immediately clear why the alleged romance became a hot topic at the hearing. Durst was arrested for Black’s murder in 2001. He later beat the charges, claiming self defense. Pirro and Cazalas ended up working side by side during the high-profile Texas case as New York officials reinvestigated the 1982 disappearance of Durst’s first wife, Kathie Durst and its possible connection to the 2000 murder of Durst’s friend Susan Berman in Los Angeles.




Durst, 75, is now fighting charges that he murdered Berman with an execution-style bullet to the back of her head. He has pleaded not guilty. Depaulo said she worked with Pirro on her book up until Pirro began pressuring her to include information she believed to be inaccurate. She eventually sued Pirro for breach of contract.






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