Over the past few days, multiple gossip sites have been reporting that Blac Chyna has been sporting around a slight baby bump that she’s been trying to hide. Blac Chyna reportedly smiled at photographers and rubbed her belly as her and her young jawn, 18-year old rapper, YBN Almight Jay, left LAX Airport on April 27th. You know that was all the proof the gossip sites needed to run with a story. Reports immediately began swirling that Chyna was pregnant with her 3rd child. Chyna and Jay reportedly met on the  “Christian Mingle” dating website (you couldn’t make this kind of shit up if you tried). The two have reportedly been dating since February of this year……so, there is some possibility there, especially if you take into account that Jay gave an interview a few months back where he bragged about NOT using condoms with his ol’ head joint. So…..who knows??? Chyna has two children from previous relationships. One with rapper Tyga, and the other with Kardashian Klan member, Rob. Do you think the rumors are true about Chyna and Jay? If they are, I guess congratulations are in order??



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