Check out the trailer for Superfly. From what I’ve been hearing, this is supposed to be a remake of the original Superfly series of movies from the 1970’s that starred Ron O’neal. I saw those movies. (Superfly, The Return Of Superfly…) Those movies fit perfectly for the times….the 1970’s, the era of disco, cocaine, platform shoes, and perms and afros. I’m not sure how a movie like this will look when its remade to attempt to fit in a 2018 world. As I recall, the original Superfly movies had a lot to do with pimps and hoes’. I’m not sure how that type of thing will play out in today’s environment. But…..who knows? The new remake might be lit. The movie hits U.S. theaters on June 15th. You checking this out when it comes out?



Video Courtesy: Sony Pictures Entertainment





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