Los Angeles, CA




Singer Chris Brown is being sued by a woman who claims she was drugged and forced to perform oral sex on females at his home, before she was raped again by a male at the singer’s home.




TMZ (@tmz) reports, The alleged victim who is being identified as “Jane Doe”, claims that she was invited to a party at Brown’s home in February of 2017. Jane says Chris supplied cocaine, molly, and weed to the partygoers. In the court filings obtained by TMZ, the woman says an unnamed female friend of Brown’s forced her and a few other women into a bedroom, and blocked the door with a couch. The unidentified woman also claims that her phone was taken away earlier in the evening by Brown’s team to avoid the recording of the ongoings at the party. “Jane Doe” says the woman then forced her to perform oral sex on her. Afterward, Doe went into the bathroom to clean her face and realized the woman she’d performed oral sex on was menstruating heavily, when she wiped her face and saw all of the blood on the washcloth. (Don’t ask me how Jane Doe did not realize this while she was performing oral. I have no idea. I’m just the messenger.) Doe says she then hopped in the shower to wash herself. It was then, that alleged Chris Brown associate, Lowell Grissom, entered the bathroom and attempted to rape her. Doe escaped the bathroom attempted rape, but Grissom allegedly got her back into the room somehow, pushed her down onto the bed, and raped her. Jane Doe also says that Grissom raped her again later on in the night on a washing machine in the basement of the house. Jane Doe has hired personal lawsuit against men specialist/ shakedown artist, Gloria Allred to handle her suit.




Video Courtesy: Tech View







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